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 Lesson 1 - Welcome and what you should expect from the program

 Lesson 2 - The product and affiliate system you should promote

 Lesson 3 - Chad Bartlet's Organic Youtube and Free Course Strategy

 Lesson 4 -  Alex Freedman's 4 Free Lesson Course Strategy

 Lesson 5 - katharina's Bridge Page and Email Sequence Strategy

 Leson 6 - Franko Dorival's Youtube and High Converting Funnel Strategy

 Lesson 7 - Marco's Organic Facebook Niched Group Strategy

 Lesson 8 -  Barbie's How to Sell Without Selling Method

 Lesson 9 -  Shelly's Tutorials and Trainings Strategies 

 lesson 10 -  Salvatore's Live Webinar Funnel Content Strategy and Blueprint

 lesson 11 -  Ricardo's Instagram Lead Magnet + Free Course Strategy

 lesson 12 -  James Taylor's Facebook Profile Funnel Strategy

 lesson 13 -  Erick Salgado's Affiliate Journey Strategy

 lesson 14 -  Alvaro's Instagram and WhatsApp Group Strategy

 lesson 15 -  How to Get Started